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Now is a good time to start therapy. If you're often feeling like you're not good enough, overwhelmed, lonely, & frustrated with yourself or others, it can be difficult to see that life could be better. Through Katura Counseling, I am here to walk with you as you wrestle through difficult moments and want to equip, support, challenge, & remind you that you are not alone and have a life worth living. 

Let’s find the right therapy for you.

To begin, simply contact me to set up a free, 15-minute phone consultation. Below are a few options we can talk through:

Individual therapy 

In person or virtual sessions (pending initial in-person assessment). Ideal for those experiencing anxiety, depression, passive suicidal thoughts, self-harm, OCD symptoms, working through transitions like moving schools, going off to college, starting a new career, experiencing relational difficulties, everyday disappointments, or sports performance anxiety.

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Family therapy

Help for families looking to strengthen their bond & foster positive change. Goal is to help identify patterns that may not be serving the family well and draw awareness to blind spots that prevent the family from functioning in its healthiest state. Family therapy is typically short-term & solutions-focused. 


Ideal for families navigating a teen experiencing a severe episode of anxiety/depression, supporting child & parents when stepping down from a higher level of care (inpatient or IOP), families experiencing seemingly unresolvable conflict, sudden loss(es), or communication difficulties.

Parent consultation 

Focus on parenting strategies, encouragement, answering the question, "Is this normal?!", plus creating a plan of action whenever therapy isn’t warranted but parents need additional support navigating a hard season. Additionally, whenever there is uncertainty about whether or not a child needs counseling, this is an opportunity to discuss the specific situation in-depth.


Katura Counseling will provide parents with helpful information regarding their child’s wellness plus suggestions for helping their child implement skills discussed in therapy in their every day life. 


Co-parenting focus: Ideal for blended families or separated/divorced parents working together to develop & execute a plan to work toward solutions to recurring issues, with the goal of making life easier for co-parents & child(ren) involved. Please be aware that the sole focus of parental consultations is supporting parents; Katura Counseling is not a forensic psychology practice & does provide services to determine child custody, nor provide services in any legal or court capacity. 


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Return to school evaluation

Sometimes, a child may make comments or draw pictures about harming themself or others, or may injure themselves in such a way that school providers are concerned for their mental wellness. Often this requires a mental health evaluation prior to returning to normal school activities. 


Provider will meet in person with parents/guardians & teen to gauge severity level of the situation, complete required school assessment and coordinate with appropriate school personnel on a short term basis regarding assessment results. 


Please note that by agreeing to services, parents/guardians also agree to follow through with treatment recommendations, which may include a visit to a Children’s ER, urgent care, or need for higher level of care (like inpatient, PHP, IOP services), family therapy, and/or individual therapy.


60-90 minute one-time evaluation, limited availability. This is not a thorough evaluation (no diagnosis will be provided). The sole focus is assessing a child’s current safety & ability to return to school.

DBT skills

Short-term, skills-based sessions targeting development of coping mechanisms and practical ways to work through stressful situations, high times of emotion, & unexpected challenges. Usually 6-8 sessions in length.

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If you have current suicidal thoughts:

Katura Counseling is not a 24/7, emergency provider. If you or your child is experiencing a life-threatening crisis, please call 911, 988 (the suicide & crisis lifeline), or call or text 1-800-273-8255.